Patented Inverter Welding Machine Technology

In 1996, Reeflex Welding (in conjunction with the South African Gold Mines) researched and developed an oil-cooled inverter-welding machine – a world first! Also, because of the emphasis on safety, ALL Reeflex D.C. Inverter welding machines have the option of a built-in voltage-reducing device.

Main Benefits

The Reeflex range of inverter welders are lightweight, fully portable, heavy duty industrial DC welders for coated electrode and TIG welding. This makes them absolutely ideal for maintenance and production applications.

A built-in voltage reducing device is also available for added safety.

Principle of Operation

The Reeflex inverters utilise cutting-edge technology in combination with the latest power electronic switching devices available, to convert a high voltage DC BUS down to the required welding voltage.

The high switching frequency provides an output dynamic response in excess of 10 kHz, which enables the converter to control the welding arc with great precision.

The DC output current is controlled by means of feedback, and sufficient current boost is added to optimise the welding process.

Welding Performance

The extremely high output dynamic response, precise control of the output current and sufficient striking voltage ensures easy striking, low spatter, and very smooth running.

These features simplify the welding process significantly, and near-perfect welding is obtained with most electrode types.